I've been making these paintings that start out in emptiness. There is no real plan in the beginning except to paint. Usually I make marks or flood the surface with binder, manipulating it with different materials as it sets up. Since I'm not trying to define space or an idea, engagement with process and materials becomes my primary focus.

I work flat with different water-based media to build up a paint layer. When the paint layer is where I want it the whole painting gets leveled out with a clear coat of resin. When the resin dries, it acts as a clear, thick ground for the next paint layer. The paintings can have up to five paint layers.

My personal vision is a humanist one.

The following quotations are from an interview with Matt Morris at my studio on Sunday, May 9, 2010.

"My work’s about everything all at once; it’s about a universal thing that I
might have access to, a state of being that doesn’t have anything to do
with any kind of description. I’m so sorely aware of this humancentric view
of how we process information in the world; it just seems like chewing
things up a lot. There’s no need for answers. I’m very interested in a
process of non-thinking, instead pulling something out of that spiritual
ether and letting that guide, because there is a natural, coherent
systemizing of life. The whole thing is a quiet watching. "

"I’m messing with all of that cultural build up, all of that time binding, all the
things that we are culturally and individually. I explore it through watching
my own organism, using myself as a litmus test for where I look and what
I allow myself to be. What I am at any given time is the current content of
my consciousness. Since I’ve been watching my consciousness, the
paintings have just become beautifully happy. My work, my life, all rolled
into one. There are no hours; there’s no time."