Solo Exhibitions

2016 "Pure Punctum",  Miller Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

2015 "Riley", Cruetzberg Van Dun, Oisterwijk, The Netherlands.

2013 "Science Fiction", Miller Gallery, Cincinnati, OH.

         "Psychedelic", Packer Schopf Gallery, Chicago, IL.

         "Paintings", Jacksson Contemporary, Columbus, IN.

         "Selections from the Studio", Heike Pickett Gallery, Versailles,            KY.

2011 "Side Effects", Eyeporium Gallery, Chicago, IL.

2010 "Bruce Riley", Miller Gallery, Cincinnati, OH.

2009 "Recent Paintings", Heike Pickett Gallery, Versailles, KY

2008 "Me Machine Breakdown", Nicholas Gallery, Cincinnati, OH.

2007 "Ray's Mundo", Gruen Galleries, Chicago, IL.

2005 "New Paintings", Christopher Martin Gallery, Dallas, TX.

2004 "Meta Salon", Unit B Gallery, Chicago, IL.

2002 "Solvitur Ambulando, gescheidle, Chicago, IL.

2001 "Phosphene", Lyonswier Gallery, Chicago, IL.

1994 "Side Effects", in situ, Cincinnati, OH.

1993 "Fleshy Halos", Nicolae Galleries, Columbus, OH.


Selected Exhibitions

2013 "Play", Urban Institute of Contemporary Art (UICA), Grand                   Rapids, MI.

         "Encore", Grand Rapids Art Museum (GRAM), Grand Rapids, MI.

         "What We Believe", Jackson Contemporary Art, Columbus, IN.

2010 "Twenty Years, Twenty Artists", Art Academy of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH.

         "Beneath the Surface", (two person show) Blackbird Gallery,             Chicago, IL.

2010 "Quiet Control", Gallery Up, Rock Hill, S.C.

2009 "Bro Show", Eyeporium Gallery, Chicago, IL.

2008 “Local Color”, Miller Gallery, Cincinnati, OH.

          "All that Tends to Purify, 9 Abstract Painters", Philip Slein                  Gallery, Saint Louis, MO.

2007 "Invitational", Heike Pickett Gallery, Versailes, KY.

          "Reverence for all Living Things", Victory Hall, Jersey City, NJ.

2006 "Hard Copy", Morpho Gallery, Chicago, IL.

2004  Ruth Bachofner Gallery, Santa Monica, CA.

           Christopher Martin Gallery, Dallas, TX.

2003  Gruen Gallery, Chicago, IL.

           Chicago International Art Exposition, rep. by gescheidle,                   Chicago, IL.

          "Guest List", gescheidle, Chicago, IL.

2002  Chicago International Art Exposition, rep. by gescheidle,                  Chicago, IL.

1999  Eastwick Gallery, Chicago,IL.

1998  Lanning Gallery, Columbus, OH.

1997 "The Sixth Extinction", Eastwick Gallery, Chicago, IL.

         "Ear as Eye", Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Los                    Angeles, CA.

1996  Fassbender Gallery, Chicago, IL.

1995  Exhibit, Chicago, IL.

1994  Aron Packer Gallery, Chicago, IL.

1993  Galerie Hertz, Louisville, KY.

1992 "Bodies of Evidence", in situ, Cincinnati, OH.

         "Headcheese", Banter Gallery, Cincinnati, OH.

         "Simultaneous Exposure", Galerie Hertz, Louisville, KY.

1991  Ohio Selections X, Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art,               Cleveland, OH.

        "Ohio: USA", Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, OH.

1990 Miami University Art Museum, Oxford, OH.

        "The Artist as Storyteller", Southern Ohio Museum,                            Portsmouth,OH.

        "The Visionary Spirit', The Ohio University at Newark Art                   Gallery, Newark, OH.

1989 Perimeter Gallery, Chicago, IL.

         Chicago International Art Exposition, rep. by Contemporary               Art Workshop, Chicago, IL.

1988 New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art, New Harmony, IN.

        "The State of the Art", The Contemporary Arts Center,                        Cincinnati, OH. Traveled to: the Vern Riffe Gallery, Columbus,            OH; Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art, Cleveland, OH.

1987 Contemporary Art Workshop, Chicago, IL.

1986 "Between Dreams and Memories", Zolla/Lieberman Gallery,               Chicago, IL.

          Spaces, Cleveland, OH.

         "Figuratively Speaking", Neville/Sargent Gallery, Chicago, IL.

          Chicago International Art Exposition, rep. by Contemporary              Art Workshop, Chicago, IL.

1985 Water Tower Art Association, Louisville, KY.

1984 Artreach Gallery, Columbus, OH.


Grants and Residencies

Mana Contemporary artist in residence, Miami, Florida, 2018.

Illinois Arts Council Finalist Award, 2000.

Community Arts Assistance Program Grant, City of Chicago, IL, 1996.

Arts Midwest/NEA Regional Visual Arts Fellowship Award, Minneapolis, MN, 1992-93.

Cincinnati Arts Allocation Committee, Cincinnati, OH, 1991-92.

Ohio Arts Council, Columbus, OH, 1991-92.

Pollock-Krasner Foundation, Inc., New York, NY, 1989-90.

The Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, OH, 1988.

Ludwig Vogelstein Foundation, Inc., New York, NY, 1987.



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